NYSIIS Requirements for VFC Reporting

Reporting Doses Administered

  • Doses administered and patient VFC Eligilbity status must be entered into NYSIIS within 14 days after administration. New York State Public Health Law (PHL 2168) requires that all doses of vaccine administered to children 18 years of age and younger be reported in NYSIIS within 14 days of administration.
    • Patient VFC eligibility status information should be recorded in NYSIIS with each dose that is administered.
  • Information can be uploaded into NYSIIS via Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or entered manually
    • Contact NYSIIS for information on recommended doses administered trainings at (518) 473-2839 or nysiis@health.ny.gov
  • Doses administered must be up to date and reflect appropriate eligilbity status prior to the approval of vaccine orders.

Vaccine Inventory Maintenance

  • VFC Providers must use NYSIIS to order publicly-funded vaccine for their patient population . After placing an order and receiving vaccine, vaccine shipments should be accepted in NYSIIS to populate inventory (Accept Transfer).
  • Inventory must be complete and current in NYSIIS prior to the approval of vaccine orders

Temperature Logging

  • Twice daily temperature readings from vaccine storage units should be entered into the NYSIIS temperature log on at least a biweekly basis.
  • Refer to the NYSIIS Temperature Log Training for more information on the NYSIIS temperature log.
  • Current temperature recordings in NYSIIS are required prior to the approval of vaccine orders

Contact NYSIIS at 518-473-2839 for information on available trainings or visit the NYSIIS training page.