Prevention Agenda 2013-2018: Promote a Healthy and Safe Environment Action Plan

Promote a Healthy and Safe Environment Action Plan - Complete printable version (PDF, 1.3MB)

Evidence-based programs, policies and practices

Evidence Based Interventions and Measures to Assess Progress, Updated 2015 (PDF)

  • The DOH has updated the Prevention Agenda's recommended set of evidence based programs, policies and practices to help local communities address local priorities. These recommendations are based on a review of the scientific literature, consultation with subject matter experts within the Department and external partners and the actual experience of local partnerships as reported on the Update Survey completed in December 2014. The goal of this revision is to provide local communities with a set of interventions that offer local communities the best prospects of making meaningful progress in addressing chosen priorities. For each recommended intervention, the charts include short-term process measures to assess progress, as well as resources describing evidence-informed policies, programs and systems changes that will improve the variety of factors known to affect health.

Action Plan

Data and Resources

Note: The Prevention Agenda 2013-2017 has been extended to 2018 to align its timeline with other state and federal health care reform initiatives.

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