Children with Special Needs Division, Niagara County Department of Health

Children with Special Needs Division

1st Row:
Lyndsey Taylor, Speech Language Pathologist; Janice Jenosheck, Administrative Assistant; Tara Hildebrant, Program Aide/Children with Special Needs; Maria Bykowski, Account Clerical I; Lisa Chester, Program Director; Pamela McInnis, Service Coordinator; Stacy Lampman, Supervisor/Children with Special Needs; Angela Held, Account Clerical I

2nd Row:
Stephanie Dust, Service Coordinator; Tammi Koller, Service Coordinator; Molly Bordonaro, Speech Language Pathologist; Desiree Riley, Program Aide/Children with Special Needs/Service Coordinator; Jacqueline McBride, Special Education Teacher; Camille Uschold, Service Coordinator; Mary Kay Biamonte-Schuman, Clerical II; Carla Carapezza, Clerical II

3rd Row:
Lauren Putnam, Special Education Teacher II; Anna Miller, Clerical II; Denise Curto, Service Coordinator; Jamiee Tallarico, Speech Language Pathologist;Donna Hockenberry, Account Clerical I; Barbara Burns, Service Coordinator; Jamie Gailie, Program Aide/Children with Special Needs; Rebekah Kastelan, Service Coordinator; Brianne Tracy, Special Education Teacher; Leslie Goodwin, Service Coordinator; Melanie Smith - Service Coordinator, Gayle Tilton, Family Services Specialist; Deborah Willis, Clerical II; Dawn Nye, Account Clerical II

Not Pictured:
Maureen Ciambella, Speech Language Pathologist; Pamela Coons, Account Clerical I; Kimberly Foti, Service Coordinator; Valerie Macri, Special Education Teacher II; Lauren Palmer, Clerical II; Cheryl Rae, Clerical II

Former Members of the Division:
Katherine Martin, Service Coordinator; Susan Pisarek-Freatman, Speech Language Pathologist; Jessica Smith, Account Clerical I; Risa Wasik, Service Coordinator

The mission of the Children with Special Needs Division is to ensure that their programs are family centered and support parents in enhancing their children's development. Staff strive to locate and provide opportunities for children with special needs and their families to participate in community events. Services are individualized for each child and family and are coordinated within early childhood, health, mental health, and educational settings. Staff provide an array of therapeutic, case management, fiscal, outreach, and administrative services to assure that quality, consistency, and accountability is maintained. The Children with Special Needs Division is a team of dedicated, hardworking, empathetic, highly unique and caring staff that has made a difference in the lives of children with special needs and their families living in Niagara County.

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