Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators

Public Health Law sections 2896-a and 2896-b establish the BENHA and its responsibilities and authorities, which include, (a) establishing nursing home administrator licensure qualifications; and (b) taking disciplinary action against licensed nursing home administrators who violate New York State rules and regulations or Article 28-D of the Public Health Law. The BENHA is also authorized to adopt regulations concerning the licensure and practice of nursing home administration, which are located at 10 NYCRR Part 96. The BENHA is statutorily required to meet at least once every six months.

Board members must, by law, meet specific criteria. The Board has 13 members, all of whom must be citizens of the United States and residents of New York State. The Board must include one physician, one hospital administrator, one professional registered nurse, three nursing home administrators employed in proprietary nursing homes, and three nursing home administrators employed in voluntary nursing homes, each of whom must have not less than five years of experience in the care of chronically ill or infirm aged patients. Three members must represent the public. One member must be appointed from a college providing training for nursing home administrators


  • New York State Department of Health
    Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators
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