Transition: Your Child's Next Steps

A transition plan must be developed for all children leaving the EIP, including going to Preschool Special Education or other services, on or close to their third birthday. The transition plan should include any help, support, and services that you and your child might need to adjust to the change in services and make

a smooth transition. Discussions of the transition plan should start with your child's first IFSP. Some children will no longer need any services. Other children and families may go on to early childhood programs or to other services in their community. If you or someone else thinks that your child is eligible for preschool special education services, your service coordinator will notify the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) in your school district. You will have the opportunity to "opt-out" of the CPSE notification. The OSC cannot take this step if you object.

Additional steps to transition include:

  • Your OSC must offer you a chance to have a transition conference. A transition conference is a meeting that is held with the chairperson of the CPSE (or his/her designee) to decide whether your child should be referred for preschool special education services. This meeting is called a transition conference. You may decide if you would like to have a transition conference or not have one. You will be asked to give your consent to your OSC for this conference to take place;
  • If you decline to have a transition conference, your OSC will provide you with written transition information;
  • If you consent to the transition conference, your OSC will arrange for the transition conference with you, the CPSE chairperson/designee, and other members of the IFSP team as invited. The transition conference should be held at least 90 days before your child is first eligible for services through the CPSE. Your OSC will provide you with information on when your child is first eligible for services through the CPSE;
  • Whether or not you choose to have a transition conference, you can decide to refer your child to the school district CPSE. Your OSC can help you to make this referral. You will need to refer your child in enough time for your child to be evaluated by the CPSE, and for the CPSE to make a decision about your child's eligibility for preschool special education before your child's third birthday. Otherwise, eligibility for EI services will end on the day before your child's third birthday;
  • Once your child is referred, the CPSE will contact you to tell you about how to get your child evaluated. The CPSE will ask for your written consent to evaluate your child;
  • Your child's EIP records can be used by the CPSE to decide how to evaluate your child. Your service coordinator will work with you to identify evaluation reports and other records from the EIP that may be helpful. Your OSC will need your written consent to provide the CPSE with EIP evaluation reports and records that may be helpful;
  • The CPSE must have a meeting to make a decision on your child's eligibility and services, and must provide a recommendation to the Board of Education within the school district, within 60 calendar days of getting your written consent to evaluate your child. You can ask the CPSE chairperson to invite your OSC to this meeting;
  • If your child is eligible for preschool special education, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be developed for your child. You can choose to begin preschool special education programs and services when your child is first eligible or choose to stay in the EIP until your child ages out. If you decide you want to have your child leave the EIP and start preschool special education services, you should contact the CPSE chairperson in your school district; and
  • If your child is noteligible for preschool special education, EIP services will end the day before your child turns three years old. A transition plan for your child will be made with your input. If your child and family need other services, the plan will include these services, and steps to help you get these services.