New York State Department of Health Partners' Data Links

County Mental Health Profiles: The County Mental Health Profiles released by the New York State Office of Mental Health lists key county community characteristics, mental health services, expenditures, and outcomes. It has information on consumer demographics, services provided, and has comparative statewide statistics. Each of the seven tabs represents a different domain of information. On each pages ia a notes button that explains the data sources, and most pages have a Related Reports button that links to other websites containing additional information.

Kids Well-being Indicators' Clearinghouse (KWIC): User-friendly, and queriable; county-specific, children's health, education and well-being indicators utilized by New York States' health and human services agencies. The indicators are based on the Council on Children and Families Touchstones/KidsCount Data Book (pdf, 92 pages).

New York State Council on Children and Families Touchstones/KIDS Count Touchstones is a tool to help guide local efforts on improving outcomes for children. The Touchstone Databook is a compilation of children's well-being indicator data bsed on the six areas in which New York State aims to improve the lives of its children (i.e. economic security, physical and emotional health, education, citizenship, family and community). Data was collected as part of the Annie E. Casey's Kids Count project. The data will be accessible through the Kids's Well-being Indicator Clearinghouse (KWIC).

New York State Data Center Provides population estimates by county, town, village, and city; county migration data, state and county economic census data; and county business pattern data. It also provides links to other data sources.

New York State Department of Labor Statistics Has a wealth of state, county, region, and MSA labor statistics, including employment and unemployment statistics, employment by sector, recent labor market trends, earnings, occupational projections, and a directory of labor market information.

New York State Education Department Public School Data The school report cards and statistical reports provide useful data by school and school district, including performance and accountability measures (regent test score results), enrollment, demographics (e.g. race/ethnicity), drop-out and attendance rates, and students enrolled in school lunch program.

New York State Office of Real Property Services Municipal Profiles Provides school, property sales and tax information by county and municipality.

New York State Public Liquor Licenses: The "Public License Query" column on the left hand side, has buttons that allows users to search the State Liquor Authority license database for establishments that sell liquor by county, city or zip code. Before relying on this information, one should be aware that due to workload and administrative issues, there might be relevant information that has not been entered into the Authority's database. Users may contact the nearest zone office for verification of critical data.