Conducting Community Health Assessment Process Training

Building on Community Health Assessments Agenda: This one-day workshop focused on prioritization, clarification, goal/objective setting, and incorportating evidence-based practices offered five times in Spring 2002 under sub-contract with Cornell University.

Setting Community Health Priorities ( This course is designed to teach public health professionals how to set community health priorities. In this simulation, the learner assumes the role of "Local Health Planner" for the county health department. The simulation begins as the local Health Officer asks the learner to analyze last year's mortality data in order to prioritize health concerns for the following year. The learner proceeds through various tutorials and readings about related topics and then attends a simulated meeting with local community members to set health priorities for the community. The course is based on the eight steps of The Community Process, which is one part of the Assessment Protocol for Excellence in Public Health (APEX-PH) program. The goal for this program is for the learner to be able to follow a process that involves both the health department and the community in determining health priorities for the community by evaluating and balancing community-expressed and data-driven priorities