Building and Strengthening Partnerships - more resources

Healthy Communities: New Partnerships for the Future of Public Health, 1996.A Report by Institute of Medicine (Committee on Public Health). "The Committee's analysis [concludes that] the public's health depends on the interaction of many factors; thus, the health of a community is a shared responsibility of many entities, organizations, and interests in the community, including health delivery organizations, public health agencies, other public and private entities, and the people of a community.

Medicine & Public Health: The Power of Collaboration This monograph focuses on what a collaborative relationship between medicine and public health might be or should be in an ideal world, on what it can be today, and on how the experiences of those actively engaged in collaborative efforts can help other health professionals and institutions deal with the challenges they face in a very turbulent environment.

Principles of Community Engagement, 1997U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC/ATSDR Committee on Community Engagement) Report. Provides public health professionals and community leaders with a science base and practical guidelines for engaging the public in community decisionmaking and action for health promotion, health protection, and disease prevention.

The determination of organization stakeholder salience (DOSS) in public health. Catherine G. Page, PhD, PT, Journal of Public Health Management Practice, 2002, 8(5), 76-84.