Radon Data

Radon Maps of New York State by County and Town – Wadsworth Center
Provides maps for each county in New York State showing the estimated percent of homes with greater than 4 pCi/L indoor radon for the towns and cities in the county. U.S. EPA recommends that actions be taken to reduce indoor radon concentrations if the primary living areas of a home have radon concentrations above 4 pCi/L. There are two maps for each county. One map is based on short-term basement measurements and the other is for long-term living area measurements. The maps have been prepared using a statewide database of over 45,000 basement screening measurements and over 11,000 long-term living area measurements. Maps are accessible with the corresponding data tables for each county.

Data Type: Monitoring
Timeframe: Annual
Geographic Area: State, County, City/Town
Limitations: Data presented represent a limited number of samples.