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New York State's Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) is a secure web-based system for electronically registering deaths. EDRS simplifies the data collection process and enhances communication between health care providers and medical certifiers, medical examiners/coroners, funeral directors, and local registrars as they work together to register deaths.

The system is accessed through the New York State Health Commerce System (HCS) website portal. For more background information about EDRS, its benefits, and New York State's related Public Health Law, click the following link: About EDRS.

Be sure to review the EDRS training resources, documentation, and roll-out information below.

EDRS Roll-Out to the Counties

Phase 1, 2015-2017

EDRS roll-out in New York State began at the end of 2015 with a pilot program. The system was rolled out to designated counties who participated in pilot testing. The pilot phase concluded at the end of 2016. Statewide implementation of EDRS is split into two phases. Phase 1 of implementation conducted on a regional basis. Statewide regional roll-out was completed in November 2017, concluding Phase 1 of EDRS implementation.

Phase 1 of EDRS implementation included electronic processing of natural deaths occurring in a medical facility, which may not require the involvement of a medical examiner (ME)/coroner. Hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice facilities across the state, as well as local registration offices in those districts, and funeral firms statewide were enrolled in EDRS and offered live web-based training. In some areas in-person training was made available.

Phase 2 Roll-Out is Underway

Phase 2 implementation includes added functionality to support electronic processing of deaths occurring at home, unattended, and from unnatural causes. This phase mainly involves medical examiners, coroners, and coroner's certifying physicians such as primary care physicians and specialists. Phase 2 also includes the remaining local registrars and sub-registrars who did not come online earlier because their district does not have Phase 1 medical faciliities.

A Phase 2 Pilot Program began fall 2017 in select counties, while some of the new functionality was still being developed to support ME/coroner roles and work processes. Now that the full functionality is available for EDRS, region-based roll-out to Phase 2 users is underway.

Phase 2 Roll-Out Schedule

Phase 2 users across the state are being enrolled and trained in EDRS as their region's go-live date approaches. The enrollment and go-live schedule for each region and county are shown on the current version of the EDRS Phase 2 Roll-Out Map (PNG image file). This version of the Phase 2 Roll-Out Map shows an accelerated schedule for the remaining three regions of the state. The schedule was accelerated at the request of key stakeholders.

Snapshot view of who is currently live with Phase 2 and who is next in line:

  • Currently live - Regions 1 (Finger Lakes), 2 (Western New York), 3 (Long Island), and 4 (Central New York)
  • Region 5 (Capital District) will go live February 7, 2019.
  • Region 6 (Lower Hudson Valley) will go live March 14, 2019
  • Region 7 (Northern New York) will go live April 18, 2019
What Does Go-Live Mean?

"Go-live" for electronic processing of non-facility and non-natural deaths (Phase 2) means that all of the Medical Examiners/Coroners, specific Coroner-designated physicians, and Local Registrars in the region have had their office and user accounts established in HCS and EDRS, user accounts have been activated, and users have had opportunities to attend region-specific EDRS training within the two to three weeks before their go-live date. These users are expected to begin processing death certificates electronically as of their region's go-live date.

Go-Live does not mean that all primary care physicians and medical specialists who may sometimes be requested to Certify a death certificate have had their private practice set up in EDRS. NYS continues to conduct outreach to medical practitioners through professional associations and through in-patient medical facilities, informing physicians about EDRS and asking them to contact NYS Vital Records if they will need to Certify Death Certificates. Private practices and their staff are being set up in EDRS and offered training as they become known to the EDRS implementation team.

Call to Action for Physicians

If you prepare Death Certificates as a sole practitioner or under a medical practice, please fill out this short online questionnaire so we can begin the process of setting you up in EDRS: HCS Registration Form for Sole Practitioner and Medical Practice Owners.

EDRS Training Schedule and Programs

Live training sessions for EDRS are being offered as role-specific, visual demonstrations of EDRS with a real-time question and answer period during the training. The live training is conducted as a "webinar" (internet-based seminar) over the internet and telephone using your computer, internet browser application, and Cisco Webex® Player application.

Live training sessions are currently offered for the following roles: Medical Examiners and Coroners, Physicians/Medical Certifiers, and Local Registrars and Sub-registrars. Upcoming dates and times for live webinar training can be found on the corresponding role pages of this website, which are are linked in the training table below. Region-specific trainings are also being announced through direct communication with ME/Coroner and Local Registrar offices during onboarding of the region. Refer to the EDRS Phase 2 Roll-out Map to see when your county is scheduled to begin using EDRS Phase 2 functionality. Please view the Training section of your role's page on this website to register for a training session. Be sure to attend training in time for your Go-Live date.

Pre-recorded training presentations are also available, which may be viewed at any time. The recorded training presentations were produced as a webinar using Cisco Webex application. To view a pre-recorded training session for your role, see the Recorded Training Presentations column in the training table below.

Please Note: The Webex ARF player must be installed on your computer for you to attend any of the webinar presentations - recorded or live. Please see **Install Webex Player Application below.

Instructions to View a Recorded Training Presentation:  To view the recorded training presentations, please first read all the following directions. Then click the desired link in the recorded training session in the training table below.

  1. After downloading and installing the Webex ARF Player, click the presentation title below to go to the recording you wish to view.
  2. You will be asked to register for the training. Enter the requested information. (If you do not see the "Register" screen, click the "View" button, which will take you to the Register screen.)
  3. After entering the requested registration information, click the "Register" button. The register window will disappear.
  4. You will then see a "Playback in Progress" screen. Within a moment the recorded webinar presentation will start.

**Install Webex Player Application (required for all webinar training):

Webex Player must be installed on your computer for you to view the recorded and live Webinar Training Presentations linked below. Click the following link to download and install the free Webex Player: Download the Webex Player. Download and install the .ARF File Webex Player for watching Webex live and recorded presentations. Be sure to select the correct player for your computer type (Windows or Macintosh) and follow the installation instructions.

Video tutorials are available on this EDRS website for self-paced training, covering both introductory topics and end-to-end case processing. The self-paced video tutorials are role-specific. The tutorials may be viewed directly in your internet browser (with the exception of SCORM format versions, which are for facilities that have a Learning Management System).

Primary Care Physicians and medical specialists who will need to begin using EDRS to medically certify Death Certificates for Coroners and medical facilities should register for a Medical Certifiers training session linked in the schedule below. In addition, PCPs and medical specialists should review the EDRS reference documents and video tutorials available on the Physicians/Medical Certifiers page of this website.

Stakeholder Role Live Training via Webex Recorded Training Presentations
(via Webex)
Self-Paced Video Tutorials
(via your internet browser)
For All EDRS Roles:
Getting Started
--- HCS Onboarding Training
**Recorded 3/10/2017

The following Tutorials will launch in a new window/tab:
SCORM 1.2 format to install in your Learning Management System:
For HCS Coordinators --- --- The following Tutorials will launch in a new window/tab:
For Funeral Directors
and Funeral Firm Staff
EDRS Phase 2 Live Training

Click Here (and then scroll down) to View the Training Schedule for Funeral Directors and Funeral Firm Staff

EDRS Funeral Firm Training
**Recorded 7/7/2017

View Resources for
Funeral Directors and Funeral Firm Staff
For Medical Certifiers
and Medical Facility Staff

(at Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Other Health Care Facilities, and Medical Practices)
EDRS Phase 2 Live Training

Click Here (and then scroll down) to View the Training Schedule for Medical Certifiers and Medical Facility Staff

EDRS Medical Certifier Training
**Recorded 7/5/2017

View Resources for
Medical Certifiers and Medical Staff
For Medical Examiners / Coroners
and Their Staff
EDRS Phase 2 Live Training

Click Here (and then scroll down) to View the Training Schedule for ME/Coroners, their staff, and Coroner's Physicians

EDRS ME/Coroner Training
**Recorded 6/18/2018

View Resources for
Medical Examiners, Coroners, and Their Staff

For Local / County Registrars
and Sub-registrars
EDRS Phase 2 Live Training

Click Here (and then scroll down) to View the Training Schedule for Local Registration Offices

EDRS Registrar Training
**Recorded 7/10/2017

View Resources for
Local/County Registrars and Sub-registrars

CME and CEU Credit for Attending EDRS Training

For information about Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit, visit the EDRS Physicians/Medical Certifiers web page. For information about Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for funeral directors, visit the EDRS Funeral Directors web page.

Documentation and Publications

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