New York State Electronic Certificate of Need (NYSE-CON)

The New York State Electronic Certificate of Need system (NYSE-CON) is a web-based, electronic CON application developed to streamline the processing of applications, while improving communication and transparency.

CON Application Search

To allow applicants and the general public the ability to view information about CON applications, NYSE-CON provides the ability to search for application information by specified criteria.

Simple Search
Provides basic search criteria including Facility Name, Operator Name, Facility Type, County, Region, and Project Description
Advanced Search
Provides additional search criteria including CON Project Number, Facility Id, Operating Certificate Number, Address, Review Type, Review Status, Project Status, and Application Type. In addition, Facility Type, County, Region and Project Status allow for multiple selections.

NYSE-CON via the Health Commerce System (HCS)

At the present time, only established operators with HCS accounts can submit a CON application through NYSE-CON.

Provides the applicant with the ability to upload and view CON applications, print CON applications, enter specific data fields for NYSE-CON to utilize and DOH to review/analyze, as well as receive electronic notifications and correspondence from DOH and other reviewing agencies.
Printable training documents for NYSE-CON

Public Authenticated NYSE-CON System

This system provides new entities that are not yet established as certified operators the ability to submit applications for establishment through NYSE-CON.

Public Authenticated NYSE-CON
Provides health care providers and prospective health care providers the ability to efficiently submit requests for construction, establishment, transfer of ownership, and certification of medical services or equipment in a timely manner.
Web based training modules for visual step by step instructions along with Printable Guides.