New York State Hepatitis C Elimination Task Force

In March 2018, New York State announced its commitment to eliminating hepatitis C as a public health problem in New York State (NYS).  The announcement was followed by the allocation of $5 million to implement new programs and activities that will lead the State towards elimination.  In July 2018, NYS announced a strategy for hepatitis C elimination, including the establishment of a Hepatitis C Elimination Task Force. 

The NYS Hepatitis C Elimination Task Force is charged with providing input to the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) on the hepatitis C elimination plan.   Task Force and workgroup members include representatives from community-based organizations, people living with and affected by hepatitis C, health care providers, payers, public health experts, researchers, harm reduction specialists and social service providers. The Task Force structure will consist of community and governmental co-chairs and workgroup committees.

The Task Force is supported by five workgroups:  1) Hepatitis C Prevention; 2) Hepatitis C Care and Treatment Access; 3) Hepatitis C Testing and Linkage to Care; 4) Surveillance, Data and Metrics; and 5) Social Determinants. 

The Task Force held its first meeting on November 27, 2018 in Albany, NY. 

NYS Hepatitis C Elimination Task Force Meetings

Task Force Members

Workgroup Committees

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