New York State Hepatitis C Rapid Testing Program

What is the New York State Hepatitis C Virus Rapid Testing Program?

This program provides free HCV rapid test kits and controls to programs that serve underinsured populations at highest risk for HCV.

How do programs meet the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible, programs must have:

  • A valid Limited Services Laboratory (LSL) Registration Certificate.
  • Hepatitis C screening protocols, policies and procedures.
  • A comprehensive quality control plan.
  • A bloodborne pathogen policy.
  • Proper space and equipment to conduct the test.
  • Staff trained on how to use the test device.
  • Staff with a strong understanding of hepatitis C, including the proper counseling messages based on test results.
  • An account on the NYSDOH Health Commerce System.
  • The ability to collect and report data to the health department.
  • A written linkage agreement with a provider who can, at minimum, perform hepatitis C diagnostic testing and medical evaluation.
  • The ability to track linkage to care for all reactive clients.

Does the New York State Hepatitis C Virus Rapid Testing Program pay for HCV diagnostic testing (HCV RNA)?

Enrolled programs meeting additional eligibility criteria, including staff proficiency in venipuncture blood specimen collection and handling, have the option of enrolling in the on-site HCV RNA Testing component of the program. Once approved, programs can offer individuals with HCV rapid antibody reactive test results free HCV RNA testing. Payment for HCV RNA testing is limited to individuals screened through the NYS HCV RTP.

How do programs enroll in the New York State Hepatitis C Virus Rapid Testing Program?

Interested programs should contact NYS HCV RTP Staff at the number or email below to discuss enrollment and their plan for meeting the above-listed eligibility requirements. Technical assistance with the enrollment process is provided by the NYS HCV RTP.

What are the performance expectations of agencies?

Agencies are expected to:

  • Reach priority populations, to be demonstrated by identifying an HCV antibody reactivity rate of greater than or equal to 10%;
  • Monthly data reporting;
  • Delivery of quality HCV testing services as per clinical laboratory practices; and
  • Participate in periodic conference calls

Where can programs get more information?

Contact the Bureau of Hepatitis Health Care