Advisory Council on Lead Poisoning Prevention

The Advisory Council on Lead Poisoning Prevention was established by New York State Public Health Law, Title 10 of Article 13, to provide guidance to the Department of Health concerning the development and implementation of plans, policies and services for the prevention and elimination of childhood lead poisoning, including the identification and management of children with lead poisoning, and strategies to detect and reduce lead hazards in the environment. The Council is chaired by the Department of Health.


Membership in the Council consists of 15 representatives of the public appointed by the Governor. The public members serve three-year terms. At least one public member shall represent: local government; community groups; labor unions; real estate; industry; parents; educators; local housing authorities; child health advocates; environmental groups; professional medical organizations; and hospitals. The public members serve three-year terms.

The Advisory Council also consists of representatives, designated by their Commissioner, from the following New York State agencies: Department of Health; Department of Labor; Department of Environmental Conservation; Department of Housing and Community Renewal; Office of Children and Family Services; Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance; Department of State; and the Insurance Department. Agency representatives are designated by the Commissioner of each agency. In addition, there is an adjunct member from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

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