Radiological Health

  • Radiation and Health

    Radiation can affect human health. Learn more about sources of radiation and exposures, associated health effects, and steps you can take from being exposed.

  • Regulations and Information Notices

    Part 16 and Part 89 of the State Sanitary Code, Article 35 and chronological list of Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection Information Notices sent to facilities are available for download and printing.

  • Environmental Radiation Surveillance Program

    The Environmental Radiation Surveillance Program measures the level of radionuclides in various environmental media collected to determine the normal (background) levels of radioactivity at several locations in the state. Monitoring is performed in the vicinity of commercial nuclear power plants, other reactor sites, active and inactive industrial sites and background locations.

  • Radiation Producing (X-Ray) Equipment Registration

    Ionizing radiation (x-ray) producing equipment used in the healing arts or in educational institutions must be registered with the appropriate agency. The owner/operator of the x-ray equipment is solely responsible for the registration of their x-ray equipment. The forms filed by the installer of the x-ray system do not ensure that your x-ray equipment will be properly registered. Information about the inspection of your x-ray equipment can also be obtained from the phone numbers listed.

    Who To Contact to Register Your X-Ray Equipment
    X-Ray Facility Location Contact Information Phone Number
    New York City New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Radiological Health 718-310-2840
    New York State, excluding New York City New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection 518-402-7570

  • Radioactive Materials Licensing

    New York State is one of 37 states that have agreements with the federal government under the Atomic Energy Act. Agreement states regulate all sources of radiation in the State, except reactors, federal facilities and large quantities of special nuclear material which are regulated by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The Department of Labor's radioactive materials program was merged with the Department of Health's program in 2006. The Radioactive Materials Licensing program of the Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection is responsible for licensing and inspecting approximately 1300 radioactive materials licensees including commercial, medical, academic and government facilities.

  • Radiologic Technology

    In the medical arts, ionizing radiation used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes must be applied by a professional practitioner working within the scope of his/her State Education Department license or by a radiologic technologist working under the supervision of a professional practitioner. Radiologic technologists must be licensed by and registered with the New York State Department of Health's Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection. We license Radiologic Technologists in Radiography, Therapy and Nuclear Medicine. Radiologic technologists with proper training can apply for certification to inject contrast media. Applications for injection certification can be obtained by contacting us at 518-402-7580.

  • Radiological Emergency Information

    The Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection is the lead state responder for radiological emergencies. In addition to responding to radiological emergencies, staff write procedures for radiological emergency response, participate in drills and exercises, provide radiological emergency response training to interested organizations, and assist other agencies with planning and emergency response.

  • Contact Information and Additional Resources