Environmental Radiation Surveillance Program

  • Environmental Radiation Surveillance Program

    The environmental radiation surveillance program measures the level of radionuclides in environmental media to determine the normal levels (background) of radioactivity at several locations in the State, and monitors the influence of human activities on these levels. This program is not designed, or intended to monitor releases from discharge points at a specific facility (e.g., a stack). The facility operator performs this type of monitoring to meet the requirements of its licensing agency (e.g., a federal agency or the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation). Limits for discharge to the environment are specified in Department of Environmental Conservation Regulations 6 NYCRR Part 380 and also incorporated in the New York State Sanitary Code 10 NYCRR Part 16 Appendix 16-C.

  • Direct Gamma Radiation Monitoring

    The direct gamma radiation monitoring component of the Environmental Radiation Surveillance Program measures radiation levels in the environment at several locations in the State. This is accomplished by deploying Environmental Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLDs). The Environmental TLDs provide quantitative measurements of the radiation levels in the areas in which they are placed. Environmental TLDs are typically deployed for approximately one calendar quarter and processed or sent for processing, as appropriate.

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