Eligible Hospital MURPH Registration Video Guide Transcript

1 Welcome to this video guide, about the Meaningful Use Registration for Public Health, also known as MURPH. This video focuses on the registration process for Eligible Hospitals.
2 Today´s video guide will provide an introduction and background to the Meaningful Use Registration for Public Health Application and provide you with important information you need before beginning the registration process.

We will then show you how to access the MURPH application and walk you through the process of completing a registration of intent for an eligible hospital.
3 The MURPH Application was created to allow Eligible Hospitals and Eligible Professionals to declare their intent to submit data to the New York State Department of Health and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene sponsored registries, in support of the Meaningful Use Public Health Reporting Objective.
4 When completing the registration of intent, please keep in mind that Eligible Hospitals and Eligible Professionals, intending to meet any of the Public Health Reporting Measures, must register within 60 days of the start of the Eligible Providers EHR reporting period.
5 Before you begin, there is information you should gather to make the registration process easier.

First, you will need hospital information, including the NPI, name, and address. The CMS registration ID is optional.
6 You will also need the HCS User ID for the alternate contact. All the mandatory fields will be populated by the system for the Registration and Alternate contacts based on their HCS information.

You may choose to complete the optional fields.
7 Finally, you will need to know which program the hospital is participating and the public health reporting measures the hospital is registering. For each measure, you will be required to enter certified EHR information.
8 All applications on the Health Commerce System should be accessed using Internet Explorer version 10 or higher, or the newest versions of other browsers.

For more information about browser requirements, please review the MURPH user guide available at the website, health, dot NY, dot gov, slash EHR, slash public health.
9 To begin the process for registering the providers intent, sign in to the Health Commerce System with your HCS user ID and password.

If you do not have an HCS account, please go to commerce, dot health, dot state, dot NY, dot Us, and select the appropriate option to sign up for an account.
10 After logging into the Health Commerce System, select My Content, located at the top of the page.
11 Select All Applications from the drop down list.
12 The applications are listed in alphabetical order.

Click the letter M.
13 Next, click the link for Meaningful Use Registration for Public Health.
14 You will be taken to the MURPH home page. Important notices and announcements are posted on the home page. Additionally, there are links to FAQs, user guides, and program information.

If you have any questions while completing the registration, please contact the Meaningful Use Public Health Objective Support Team at 1–877–646–5410 option 3.

After you have reviewed this material, select "Eligible Hospitals" from the left menu to begin a new registration.
15 This is the hospital registration page.

It will show all the registrations which you are listed as the registration or alternate contact.

To start registering your organization, click the button: "Start New Registration".
16 There are 4 sections that must be completed in order to submit the registration.

General Information, Registration Contact, Alternate Contact, and Hospital MU.
17 First, enter the hospital NPI.

After the system validates the NPI entered, the hospital name should automatically populate. If it does not populate, please contact the support team.

Next, enter the hospital address information. Notice that the state field defaults to New York.
18 As you complete the registration, you will encounter blue question marks.

If you are unsure about a field, click the blue question mark for a detailed description.
19 Finally, you must indicate the hospital´s jurisdiction, and if a registration was submitted on behalf of the hospital in a previous year. If you are not sure if a registration was previously submitted, answer "No."

Notice that the CMS registration ID is optional.

After completing the required information, click "Save and Continue" to proceed forward.

You also have the option to "Save and Close". This is helpful if you cannot complete the registration in one session.
20 Next is the registration contact. You will notice that fields, such as name, and phone number are populated based on the persons HCS account information.

Job title and phone extension are optional fields.

Click "Save and Continue" to proceed forward.
21 You are required to add at least one Alternate contact. After entering the person´s HCS ID, their information will populate in the required fields.

After verifying this information, click "Save and Continue", to proceed forward. If you wish to add another contact person, click "Add Alternate Contact".
22 This is the Hospital Meaningful Use page.

First, you must indicate which program the hospital is participating.
23 If the hospital is located within the five boroughs of New York City, the CIR facility code is optional.
24 Next, you must answer each public health reporting measure for the hospital.

Answer yes or no, if the hospital intends to meet the measure. Answer exclusion if the hospital is excluded from the measure.

Please note the measures displayed are specific to your jurisdiction.

If the incorrect measures are displayed, please navigate to the general information page, and select the correct jurisdiction.

For each measure answered "yes", you must enter certified EHR technology information. This includes vendor, product, and version. The CMS EHR certification ID is optional.
25 After completing the required information, you may submit the registration.
26 A confirmation message will display.

Click OK to proceed forward.
27 After submitting the registration, you will return to the hospital registration page.

You have options to edit or view the registration.

You may also view the registration confirmation.

If the registration is updated, you will also have the option to view the latest registration update confirmation.

Click the PDF icon, to view the confirmation.
28 Your confirmation of registration will display in PDF format.

Additionally, an email confirmation will be sent to the registration, and alternate contacts, when the registration is submitted or updated.

This confirmation document contains all information submitted for the registration of intent. Please retain all confirmation documents for at least 6 years within the providers supporting documentation file.
29 Thank you for watching this video about the MURPH registration process.

If you have additional questions, please contact our support team.