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New York State´s Medicaid Section 1115 Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) Waiver (formerly known as the Partnership Plan) has achieved significant results in meeting its major goals of improving access, quality, and cost effectiveness of health services for the poorest and most at risk residents. The waiver, which has operated since 1997, has allowed the State to implement a managed care program which provides comprehensive and coordinated health care to Medicaid recipients, thereby improving their overall health coverage. This webpage provides resources to those who are interested in the waiver and would like to contribute to the effort.

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New York State is well-positioned to lead the nation in Medicaid reform. Governor Cuomo´s Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) has developed a multi-year action plan (A Plan to Transform the Empire State´s Medicaid Program) that, when fully implemented, will not only improve health outcomes for more than five million New Yorkers but also bend the state´s Medicaid cost curve. Significant federal savings have already been realized through New York´s MRT process and substantial savings will also accrue as part of this action plan.

Additional information can be found on the MRT website

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  • NY 1115 Demo Draft Eval Plan (Web) - (PDF) - 12.20.16 (PDF)

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