Medicaid Reference Guide

The Medicaid Reference Guide (MRG) was designed for local social services districts in New York State. Its purpose is to assist districts in determining Medicaid eligibility for applicants/recipients.

The Medicaid Reference Guide is arranged in five sections: Categorical Factors; Income; Resources; Other Eligibility Factors; and Reference. Within each of the five sections, there are subsections. The titles are in bold print at the top of each page. The electronic version of the MRG is in Portable Document Format (PDF). A Glossary and Master Index (cumulative)are also available.

Standard abbreviations are used throughout and are defined within the text and the Glossary.

The Medicaid Reference Guide is intended only to express Department policies and interpretations. The final authority remains Book 52A of McKinneys Consolidated Laws of New York and Title 18 of the Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York.

The pace of change within the New York State Medicaid program makes periodic replacement of the Medicaid Reference Guide pages essential to maintain its validity as a current working document. Information contained in the Medicaid Reference Guide is revised and updated on a regular basis. Individual updates can also be found in separate electronic files (see below). This allows users to rapidly identify updated sections. The date on the top left of each page indicates the date of printing or revision.

The Medicaid Reference Guide (MRG) is available only as a portable document format (PDF) file. Requests for the MRG in an alternate format should be made by sending an e-mail note to:

( User Hint: To find a specific page in the MRG, please refer to the page number found in the white box on the top right corner of each page and NOT the page number which comes up in the gray rectangular box when you use the gray scroll bar on the right side. )

Page numbers are provided for print use only. To search for a specific topic within a section, use the search function and enter the specific word or topic.

You may search for a desired word or term within any section by clicking on the binocular icon on the toolbar at the top of the page and entering the word or term in the box which appears.

Questions concerning the Medicaid Reference Guide may be addressed by sending an e-mail message to

To enhance the electronic version of the Medicaid Reference Guide (MRG), all updates to the MRG have been filed/integrated into the document. With this enhancement, users will no longer have to review the material in the MRG as well as each update to assure that the most current information has been consulted.

NOTE: ALL updates will continue to be posted separately to the website.

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