Rationale to promote mental, emotional and behavioral (MEB) well-being in communities (Goal 1)

  • Increasing evidence indicates that promotion of positive aspects of mental health is an important approach to reducing MEB disorders and related problems.4
  • The 2009 IOM report concluded that mental health promotion should be recognized as an important component of the mental health spectrum, rather than be merged with prevention.
  • MEB health serves as a foundation for prevention and treatment of MEB disorders.3
  • A developmental, interdisciplinary approach to MEB health promotion will affect homes, schools, workplaces and communities.
  • Child and youth development research should be synthesized from a State MEB health well-being perspective, and assessed to identify opportunities for action.
  • Research indicates that focusing on positive child and youth development policies has the potential for the greatest return on investment.

Note: The Prevention Agenda 2013-2017 has been extended to 2018 to align its timeline with other state and federal health care reform initiatives.

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