Bureau of Funeral Directing

Public Health Law section 3401 regulates all activities related to the business and practice of funeral directing for more than 1800 funeral firms; 4000 practitioners; 90 registered residents (individuals in training) and 400 funeral directing students including: licensure and registration of funeral directors, the inspection and registration of funeral firms, investigations of consumer/provider complaints related to practice of funeral directing, and continuing education and training of practitioners.

What's New

2019 NYS Law Exams

The 2019 Law Exams are scheduled for January 17, May 23, and September 19.

2020 NYS Law Exams

The 2020 Law Exams are scheduled for January 16, May 21, and September 17.

Funeral Rights Brochures

New brochures are now available for the general public: A Consumer's Guide to Arranging a Funeral & Before Prepaying Your Funeral, Know Your Rights