Out of State Licensure - Bureau of Funeral Directing

Steps for Obtaining a New York State Funeral Director License by an Out-of-state Licensee

  1. Submit a letter of introduction to the Bureau briefly outlining your current experience and intentions to practice funeral directing in New York.
  2. Register as a funeral directing student (even though you have graduated from mortuary school) so that we may build your profile on our database. The form will be provided. Additionally, the application fee may be waived if you seek licensure by endorsement.
  3. Have your school submit certified transcripts directly to the Bureau.
  4. Have the Conference send a Certified Score Report for your passing of the NBE.
  5. Submit proof of US citizenship or permanent residency (birth certificate, passport, etc.)
  6. Upon completion of the above, an application for registering as a funeral directing resident will be sent for completion by yourself and your sponsoring funeral home.
  7. Complete the twelve-month residency with a registered NY funeral firm.
  8. Obtain a passing score on the NY Law exam offered near or at the end of your residency.

In lieu of the residency requirement, the applicant may apply for licensure by endorsement by providing the following:

  1. Proof of a minimum of three years of experience in funeral service as a licensed funeral director and embalmer on a full time basis.
  2. Follow steps 1 through 5, listed above, but do not pay the Student Application fee.
  3. An outline of the scope of your duties.
  4. A letter of support from the manager of the firm in which you had been employed.
  5. A letter from your original state of licensure and all other states you may be licensed with, certifying your date of licensure and that you are in good standing as a funeral director.
  6. A letter from your original state of licensure stating they will accept all New York licensees. Such state must endorse a New York State license, if not you must serve a twelve (12) month residency in New York State.
  7. Evidence of your intent to practice in New York State.
  8. Current resume.
  9. Social security number.
  10. Submit a CURRENT 2"x2" photo of yourself. (Passport size)
  11. Pass the next available NY Law exam offered by the Bureau.