Exceptions to Electronic Prescribing

The following circumstances allow a practitioner to issue an ONYSRx or oral prescription, for controlled or non-controlled substances.

NOTE: The practitioner is not required to indicate the circumstance on the written or oral prescription. The pharmacist is not required to verify the reason for a written or oral prescription.

  • Approved waiver from electronic prescribing+
  • Nursing home or RHCF defined in Article 2801 of the Public Health Law
  • Long and Complicated Directions
  • Compounded prescriptions containing two (2) or more products
  • Compounded infusion prescriptions containing two (2) or more products
  • A prescription containing certain elements required by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), such as an attachment
  • Approved protocols under expedited partner therapy
  • Approved protocols under collaborative drug management
  • Response to a public health emergency that would allow a non-patient specific prescription
  • Approved research protocol
  • A non-patient specific prescription for an opioid antagonist
  • Veterinarian
  • Temporary technical failure
  • Temporary electronic failure
  • The prescription will be dispensed out-of-state, including federal installations such as Veteran Administration Facilities, Fort Drum & West Point
  • Patient harm If the practitioner determines that an electronic prescription cannot be issued in a timely manner and that the patient’s condition is at risk