Waiver Request for Electronic Prescribing

Practitioners can request a waiver on the basis of:

  • Economic hardship,
  • Technological limitations that are not reasonably within the control of the practitioner, or
  • Other exceptional circumstances.

Information required to process a waiver request includes:

  • Waiver site address(es)
  • Reason(s) or circumstances illustrating the need for a waiver
  • Supporting documentation for the waiver request
    • Supporting documentation may include such information as:
      • Reason electronic prescribing is unavailable to practitioners
      • What has been accomplished to meet the requirements of the electronic prescribing law
      • When electronic prescribing is expected to be in place and operational

Online Waiver Request Application:

Electronic Prescribing Waiver (EPW) is an online application that allows a practitioner, an institution or a medical group practice to request a waiver from the requirement to electronically prescribe controlled and/or non-controlled substances. EPW is accessed through the Health Commerce System (HCS); the same portal used to access the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP).

Should you have additional questions or require a paper waiver request form, call 1-866-811-7957.