Important Notice to Practitioners and Healthcare Facilities Utilizing EMR Systems

Printing Prescriptions on Official New York State Prescription Paper

Section 6810(6) of the New York State Education Law requires all prescriptions to include the following information:

  • these words: "THIS PRESCRIPTION WILL BE FILLED GENERICALLY UNLESS PRESCRIBER WRITES 'd a w' IN THE BOX BELOW". The words must be imprinted in eight point upper case type immediately below the prescription signature line.
  • the 'daw' box must be directly under the prescription signature line and must be three-quarters inch in length and one-half inch in height. Immediately below the box, the words "Dispense As Written" must be imprinted in six point type.

Practitioners and healthcare facilities utilizing electronic medical record (EMR) systems to print prescriptions on official New York State prescription paper should ensure that their EMR software prints the above required information on all prescriptions. To safeguard against unauthorized use of official prescriptions, EMR software should also print "VOID" on any unused portions of the paper provided in sheet format containing 4 prescriptions.