Prevention Agenda 2013-2017: New York State's Health Improvement Plan

The Prevention Agenda 2013-17 is the blueprint for state and local action to improve the health of New Yorkers in five priority areas and to reduce health disparities for racial, ethnic, disability, socioeconomic and other groups who experience them.

Make New York the Healthiest State Brochure

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Map of Prevention Agenda 2013-2017 Priority Areas Selected by Local Communities

Good Examples of Hospital Community Service Plans (CSPs) and Local Health Department Community Health Assessments (CHAs) completed in 2013

Technical Assistance and Training Resources for the Prevention Agenda 2013-2017

This page provides links to technical assistance and training resources for local health departments, hospitals and community-based organizations.

Prevention Agenda Priorities, Partners and Links to Community Health Reports by County

This table provides a summary of the priorities selected by local health departments and non-profit hospitals in the organizations' Community Health Improvement Plans and Community Service Plans submitted in November 2013. The table identifies the organizations that the local health departments and hospitals are working with to implement their plans, as well as a website link to those plans, if available.

New York State Prevention Agenda Dashboard

The New York State Prevention Agenda Dashboard is an interactive visual presentation of the Prevention Agenda tracking indicator data at state and county levels. It serves as a key source for monitoring progress that communities around the state have made with regard to meeting the Prevention Agenda 2017 objectives.

Action Plans, Focus Areas and Local Health Department Contacts

The Prevention Agenda 2013-2017's five priority action plans are accessible via HTML and PDF versions through links in the table below. Easy access to recommended interventions by sector is available by focus area under each action plan.

Recommended evidence-base programs, policies and practices have been identified for each action plan. Under each priority area below, a link to the information, organized by focus area and goal, is provided. For each recommended program, policy or practice, a brief description is given along with links to assist with implementation. Journal articles can be accessed from the New York State Library or Dickerman Library.

Local Health Department Contact List
A directory of local health department community health assessment and health improvement plan liaison contact information is available through the above link.

Prevent Chronic Diseases Action Plan

Prevent Chronic Diseases Action Plan

Promote Healthy Women and Children Action Plan

Promote Healthy Women, Infants and Children Action Plan

Promote Mental Health and Prevent Substance Abuse Action Plan

Promote Mental Health and Prevent Substance Abuse Action Plan