Early Intervention Program Mission and Goals

The mission of the Early Intervention Program is to identify and evaluate as early as possible those infants and toddlers whose healthy development is compromised and provide for appropriate intervention to improve child and family development.


  • Support parents in meeting their responsibilities to nurture and enhance their children's development.


  • Create opportunities for full participation of children with disabilities and their families in their communities by ensuring services are delivered in natural environments to the maximum extent appropriate.

Coordinated Services:

  • Ensure early intervention services are coordinated with the full array of early childhood, health and mental health, educational, social, and other community-based services needed by and provided to children and their families.

Measurable Outcomes for Children & Families:

  • Enhance child development and functional outcomes and improve family life through delivery of effective, outcome-based high quality early intervention services.

Early Intervention & The Medical Home:

  • Ensure early intervention services complement the child's medical home by involving primary and specialty health care providers in supporting family participation in early intervention services.

Local Control, Fiscal Reform, & Programmatic Accountability:

  • Assure equity of access, quality, consistency, and accountability in the service system by ensuring clear lines of public supervision, responsibility, and authority for the provision of early intervention services to eligible children and their families.