Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program (EHDI)

The New York State Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program (NY EHDI) supports the US Surgeon General's Healthy People 2020 goal ENT–VSL–1: Increase the proportion of newborns who are screened for hearing loss by no later than age 1 month, have audiologic evaluation by age 3 months, and are enrolled in appropriate intervention services no later than age 6 months.

Universal newborn hearing screening is a component of the NY EHDI program. NYS Public Health Law requires all maternity hospitals and birthing centers to administer newborn hearing screening programs. Parents are given information about newborn hearing screening prior to the screening. Then shortly after birth, the baby's hearing is screened and parents are given the result. If a baby does not pass the initial hearing screening, he/she may be re–screened prior to discharge. If the baby cannot be re–screened before discharge, or does not pass re–screening, the parents will be given a prescription for their baby to have an outpatient screening and a list of qualified infant hearing screeners. If the infant fails a second screening, the baby is referred for a full diagnostic hearing assessment. If hearing loss is detected, the infant is referred to the NYS Early Intervention Program for appropriate intervention services.