Climate Change and Health - What Communities Can Do

What Communities Can Do

Decisions and actions at the local level have a big impact on climate change. Use these resources to help prepare your communities for a changing climate:

  • Consider the risks of climate change on people’s health, especially those who are more vulnerable, when making decisions about land use or local services.
  • Improve notification systems that alert the public of weather-related and other emergencies.
  • Set up cooling centers and update emergency response plans to consider climate change.
  • Create local programs that encourage residents to reduce their carbon footprint.

Community Resources & Tools

  • Extreme Heat Advice: Provides tips on how to stay cool during summer heat and how to protect those who may be more at-risk
  • Cooling Center Finder: Provides information on places where people can go to cool down during extreme heat.
  • Heat and Health Infographic: Learn more about extreme heat and what can be done to help people keep cool during the hottest days of the year.
  • Heat Stress Data: Explore data on the percent of heat stress hospitalizations and emergency department visits in New York State due to heat.
  • County Heat and Health Profiles: Identifies populations and neighborhoods at highest risk to inform efforts to prepare for and prevent heat-related illnesses.
  • Heat Vulnerability Index Maps: Identifies areas in the state where people are vulnerable to heat. Heat vulnerability is how likely a person is to be injured or harmed during periods of hot weather.
  • Extreme Heat and Health in New York State: Presents the latest research on extreme heat and its impact on health.
  • Summer Safety Publications: Share these materials to promote hot weather safety.