Post-Payment Audit Guidance


During the attestation process, providers will select the available measures or objectives for the Public Health Reporting Objective. During a post–payment audit, providers must submit qualifying documentation to support their responses of Yes or Exclusion for the Public Health Objective. Supporting documentation must show that the provider meets the objective requirements for the payment year and Meaningful Use Stage he/she attested to.

Each of the MU stages and reporting years have different measures, EHR Reporting Periods, available NYSDOH and NYC DOHMH supported Public Health Agencies (PHA), and requirements to meet the available measures. Please be sure to review all of the details and requirements for the applicable year. Detailed information can be located in the Public Health Reporting section of this website.

Required Documentation

Eligible Providers are required to supply proof of active engagement with a PHA. The requirements for engagement with the PHA vary per MU Stage. Please see the appropriate Post–Payment Audit Checklist for details on the requirements.

  • If Eligible Providers do not have documentation showing their status with a PHA, then it is suggested to contact the PHA for the documentation. Please see the appropriate PHA information for their contact information. The PHAs are located under the Public Health Registries box on the Public Health Reporting section of the website.
  • If an Eligible Provider does not have proof of registration of intent, then it is suggested to contact the MU Public Health Objective Support Team. They can be reached at (877)646–5410, Option 3 or

In addition, if an Eligible Provider claimed an exclusion for a measure, then they would need to supply a letter explaining why they are excluded from that measure. Some examples are below:

  • The Eligible Provider operated in a jurisdiction where no registry was capable or available to receive data, during their EHR Reporting Period.
  • The Eligible Provider does not give immunizations.
  • The Eligible Provider does not diagnose or treat any conditions that are relevant to the applicable PHA and measure.

Documentation Details

Please keep in mind that any documentation should contain the following information:

  • Eligible Provider´s Name
  • Individual NPI
  • Organization/Practice NPI (if applicable)
  • Hospital NPI (if applicable)
  • EHR Reporting Period Dates
  • Confirmation of Status or Explanation of Exclusion