Resident Work Hours and Conditions of Post-Graduate Trainees

New York State regulations (NYCRR Title 10 Section 405.4 - Paragraph 6 of subdivision (a)) limit the working hours of post-graduate trainees (resident physicians) to maintain patient safety. The Department's Division of Hospitals and Diagnostic and Treatment Centers (DHDTC) oversees compliance reviews performed by an independent contractor. Hospitals with more than ten residents are subject to triennial on-site assessments which include interviews of residents and other appropriate hospital staff, observations of resident working conditions, and reviews of medical records, operating room logs and other documentation. Hospitals with fewer than ten residents are subject to an off-site review. Since the program's oversight in 2001, hospital compliance with these regulations has increased significantly.

Annual and Triennial reports summarizing the results of these reviews since 2005 are available at the links below.

Resident Working Hours Annual Report & Triennial Reports