Health Homes Learning Collaboratives and Workgroups

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The Learning Collaborative provides a forum for identifying and sharing best practices in Health Home design and performance. Findings that emerge from this forum help guide ongoing development efforts and inform state policy decisions around this significant delivery system reform. The Learning Collaborative series is facilitated by the Center for Health Care Strategies in close partnership with DOH and is open to invited representatives from lead Health Homes. Lead Health Homes are required to include a network partner representative. Links to Learning Collaboratives since 2017 are included below.

The Health Homes Learning Collaborative was built upon the success of the earlier CIDP Learning Collaborative, which identified critical elements of successful care management programs for high-need beneficiaries, and in doing so, helped shape New York´s current Health Home strategy.

Summary Findings from the CIDP Learning Collaborative – Archive (PDF)

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September 28, 2012

Health Homes and Managed Care Organizations serving Medicaid beneficiaries have formed a consolidated work group replacing two earlier work groups that were established to address outstanding policy and operational issues related to Health Home Implementation. The Health Home/Managed Care Organization (HH/MCO) Work Group includes representation from all Health Homes, including several network partners and Managed Care Organizations. Sub–work groups have also been established in key areas to allow others in the Health Home community to play an active role and allow Health Homes and Managed Care Organizations to provide feedback and inform policy development.

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Health Home Children´s Workgroup was convened to help develop New York´s Health Home Model for Children. The Workgroup was charged with making recommendations to the Health Home and Managed Care Organization Workgroup.

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