Single Source Procurements

The Single Source Procurement Archive can be found here:

Procurement Contract Number(s) OSC Approval Date
Advertising for New York State of Health C028777 12/9/2014
Media Buying Services Contract Extension C026118 12/9/2014
Annual Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance (BRFSS) Survey C030141 12/8/2014
Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive Program C029354, C029355 12/1/2014
JFK Ebola Screening and Quarantine Initiative C030154 11/7/2014
Institutional Cost Report C029691 10/31/2014
Community Health Worker Program (CHWP) and Comprehensive Prenatal-Perinatal Services Network Program (CPPSNP) C021368, C021369 10/24/2014
Targeted Transgender Health Care Services C029940 – C029942 10/22/2014
Testing Materials for Blood-borne Viruses PA05925 10/16/2014
New Born Screening Program N/A 10/16/2014
New York State Physician Profile C026342B 10/10/2014
Amending of two existing contracts to add two each full-time equivalents (FTEs) C026723, C026724 10/6/2014
Evaluation of Hand-Held Biohazard Identification System TBD 9/26/2014
Youth Access Program - Targeted Health Care Services for High Risk YMSM Multiple – please see attached 9/18/2014
SHIN-NY Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO) Multiple – Please see attached 9/10/2014
Organ Transplant & Donation Services C029628 & C029627 8/29/2014
HIV Health Home Care Management Programs Multiple – please see attached 8/26/2014
Opioid Overdose Prevention & Harm Reduction C029088 8/13/2014
Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program Multiple – please see attached 8/13/2014
Commodity Supplemental Food Program C025819 & C025820 8/13/2014
HIV+ Rental Assistance Pilot Project C029349 7/29/2014
Education, Training and Technical Assistance (ETTA) Evaluation C029326 7/14/2014
Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Woman Infants and Children (WIC) and Vendor Management Agency Multiple – Please see attached 7/11/2014
NYS Genetic Screening and Counseling C029412 6/30/2014
Alzheimers Community Assistance Program (AlzCAP) C028497 6/16/2014
HIV/STD/HEP-C Prevention Program C029592 & C029593 5/9/2014
STD Surveillance - Public Health Campaign C025153 - C025157 5/7/2014
Family Planning – HIV Integration Multiple – Please see attached 5/7/2014
Migrant/Seasonal Farmworker (MSFW) Health Program Multiple – Please see attached 3/24/2014
Disease Intervention Services C028066 3/18/2014
Money Follows the Person Demonstration (MFP) - Access to Court Appointed Guardians C027979 3/13/2014
Comprehensive Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care Services C027025 3/7/2014
Food Banks – Superstorm Sandy Social Services Block Grants C029236, C029237, C029239, C029241 3/4/2014
Medical Society of the State of New York C029247 3/4/2014
Eat Well Play Hard in Child Care Settings: Farm to Preschools Expansion C027140, C027138, C027142, C027896 3/4/2014
Mobile Medical Vans – Superstorm Sandy Social Services Block Grants C029238 & C029240 2/19/2014
Hepatitis C Program C029348 2/19/2014
Money Follows the Person Demonstration (MFP) - Volunteer Caregiver Demonstration Project C029325 2/18/2014
Medicaid Eligible Professional Expansion Program C029354 and C029355 2/10/2014
Treatment Adherence Initiative (2nd Extension) Multiple – Please see attached 1/14/2014
Education, Training and Technical Assistance (ETTA) Evaluation C029326 1/27/2014
New York State Oral Health Technical Assistance Center (TAC) C023070 1/27/2014
STD - Laboratory Services C022043 1/22/2014
Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention C027010A 1/17/2014
HIV Antiretroviral Drug Resistance Analysis System (RAS) C028979 12/24/2013
Clinical Education Initiative (CEI) Multiple – Please see attached 12/19/2013
SSBG Federal Assistance Funds and TANF Funds for the Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program Multiple – Please see attached 11/25/2013
Community Health Worker Training Program C021387 11/22/2013
Medicaid Redesign Team - Health Information Technology Initiative C028859 - C028862 11/15/2013
Comprehensive Prenatal-Perinatal Services Network (CPPSN) and Community Health Worker Program (CHWP) C021368 & C021369 11/08/2013
Interim Lead Safe Housing C022990 & C022991 11/01/2013
Genetic Counseling for People with or At-Risk for Genetic Disease C023833 - C023836, C023838 - C023855,
MOU-113152, MOU-116146
New York State Oral Health Technical Assistance Center (TAC) C023070 10/07/2013
Integrated Cancer Services Program Breast, Cervical and Colorectal Cancer Screening Partnerships C023388, C023429, C023424,
C023465, C023725 & C023726
New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health C028937 09/19/2013
Cancer Surveillance, Education and Control Initiative C028506 09/19/2013
Medical Direction and Medical Care in Nursing Homes: Education, Training and Technical Assistance C029039 09/12/2013
Services and Expenses to Support NY Center for Liver Transplantation and NY Alliance for Donation, Inc. C028783 and C028784 09/04/2013
Healthy Eating and Active Living by Design C024250 - C024261 08/19/2013
Healthy Neighborhoods Program C025970 - C025979 08/05/2013
Obesity Prevention Program C027426 - C027434 08/05/2013
STD Center of Excellence C024657 07/12/2013
Clinical Education Initiative C023553, C023555 - C023557,
C024395, C024882, C026913
Health and Human Services for LGBT Individuals, Families and Communities Initiative C025062 - C025065
C025067 - C025107
Treatment Adherence Initiative C023869 - C023873 06/10/2013